To advocate for reproductive sexual health
To advocate for human rights
To promote women & Youth rights
To Advocate for Gender equality
To promote volunteering & involvement in public life

With Government entities
With Local, national and international non-governmental organizations
With the private sector

Non discrimination
The LFPA works with all people living in Lebanon irrespective of race, religion, or nationality

Institutional building
That allows volunteers and staff to engage in the process of achieving the LFPA strategy with transparency, efficiency & good governance


The LFPA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, recognized public utility by presidential decree 1427 in 1978. The LFPA is a member of many Lebanese NGO networks, such as the Lebanese Council of Women and the Federation of NGOs in contract with the Ministry of Social Affairs. The efforts of the LFPA were recognized by the Lebanese Government by awarding the Secretary General of the LFPA the bronze Medal of Honor in 1997 and the Association the Cavalier Order Medal of Honor in 2003.


To contribute to the achievement of sustainable development that will ensure the sustainability of the family and empowerment of its members.


To focus on the comprehensive concept of Human Rights in accordance with the rapidly changing conditions in the world, Arab Region & Lebanon


The LFPA was established in 1969 as the Lebanon Family Planning Association, then its name was amended in 2010, and the amendment was registered at the Ministry of Interior under the no. 1876 dated November 1st, 2010. In January 2021, the LFPADE amended its name and registration to become the Lebanon Family Planning Association for Sustainable Development.


A holistic and comprehensive approach to
:: Health services including family planning services, counseling, referrals and awareness

:: Economic Empowerment, including life skills and vocational training

:: Political & Public Participation, including leadership and participation training to influence local and municipal decisions


Economic Empowerment of women & Girls

Reproductive Sexual Health & Family Planning



Better & Healthier

Najla Bizri 
Executive Director

Cecilia Chami
Program`s Officer

Walid Minnawi
Financial Officer

Nada Assir
RH & Woman Officer

Ranine Meraachli
Administrative Officer

Sibelle Ibri
Finance Assistant

Inaya Shmouri
Field Coordinator West Bekaa

Wafaa Kassir
Field Coordinator South Lebanon

Loubna Assi
Nurse South Lebanon

Hayat Hammoud
Social Worker Bekaa

Randa Nasabieh
Assistant Bekaa

Kawthar Alameh
Assistant South Lebanon

Abdelaziz Kanaan Driver

Administrative Board

The general assembly elected a new administrative board for the period January 2023 – December 2025

Mrs. Sawsan Husseini

Dr. Hala Nawfal 
Vice president

Dr. Hind Chaarawi
Secretary General

Dr. Suha Nasreldine

Dr. Marwan Barbir 

Dr. Khawla El Cheikh Ali 

Dr. Ikbal Moufti

120 volunteers, 90% women & 10% men

:: Composed of the founders and of persons whose applications for membership were accepted by the administrative board of the LFPA

:: Elects the Administrative Committee, once every three years.

:: Meets twice a year to discuss financial/administrative issues and to ratify the annual reports.

:: Approves the annual budget and the external auditor.

:: Holds other meetings as needed


Voice of America News

Mrs. Cecelia Chami, Program Manager in LFPADE joined a discussion with three other women… READ MORE

Women's day

Women inspire us, support us and make us stronger everyday! Celebrating all the phenomenal women in a beautiful event sponsored by the Chairperson of the Women and Children Committee, Dr. Inaya Ezzeddine, in Collaboration with the municipality of Al Abbasiya.

To Read More, click on the link bellow’s day

A Transformative Gathering in Beirut: LFPA’s Educational Round Table on Competency-based Education


Beirut, October 13, 2023 – On October 11, 2023, LFPA (Lebanon Family Planning Association), in a powerful collaboration with CRDP (Center for Educational Research and Development), and with the steadfast support of the esteemed Malala Fund, hosted an educational round table at the prestigious Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut. This extraordinary event coincided with the International Day of the Girl Child, shedding light on the importance of competency-based education in nurturing digital and environmental proficiencies within pre-university general education, non-formal education, and the pivotal role played by non-governmental organizations in advancing these competencies through strategic alliances with educational institutions.

For more information, check out our LinkedIn page for the details through this link.

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