Mission & Vision

LFPADE Mission


To contribute to the humanitarian, health, social, and cultural development in order to achieve a balanced National development that ensures the stability and survival of the family, and empowerment of women and Youth. 


1. Transparency

2. Commitments

3. Partnership 

4. Non discrimination  


Target Groups & Commitment

Target groups


Young Women

(15-18 )

-Increase awareness on reproductive sexual health

-Advocate for human rights

-Promote women rights

-Gender equality

-Promote involvement in public life

-Encourage volunteering


(19 years & above)

-Empowerment of  Women Health, economically, socially & politically

-Promote Human Rights

-Advocate for Women Rights

-Encourage volunteering & involvement in public life

Young men

(15-24 years)

-Increase awareness on reproductive sexual health and build positive attitudes towards it

-Advocate for human rights

-Promote Youth rights

-Gender equality

-Encourage volunteering & promote involvement in public life


(25 years and above)

-Enhance health

-Provide basic health services

-Encourage volunteering

-Increase level of awareness on women rights




To take in consideration the rapidly changing conditions in the Arab Region and its reflection on the programs of the Government & NGOs in order to define the framework of interventions that the LFPADE will strive to achieve in the areas of Population, Women & Youth in 2016, 2017 & 2018 in order to attain social stability and respond to the unmet needs of the poor and people with limited income.