Lebanon Family Planning Association for Development and Family Empowerment (LFPADE)
In 2010, The Lebanon Family Planning Association amended its title to become Lebanon Family Planning Association for Development & Family Empowerment (LFPADE) because it was felt that this title reflects the scope of work of the Association and amended its goals to keep pace with the national, regional and international developments especially as related to women empowerment and population issues. The amendment was registered at the Ministry of Interior under the no. 1876 dated November1, 2010.
News & Events
  • Lebanon Family Planning Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, recognized public utility by presidential decree 1427 in 1978, registered with the government under file No 445/AD on 19/8/1969, rectification 436/AD on 10/11/1993
  • The efforts of the LFPA were recognized by the Lebanese Government by awarding the Secretary General of the LFPA the bronze Medal of Honor in 1997 and the Association the Cavalier Order Medal of Honorin 2003
  • The LFPA was granted a special consultation status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations in 2002.
  • The LFPA is a member of the National Population Permanent Committee and the Reproductive Health Committee in Lebanon.
  • The LFPA is a member of many Lebanese NGO networks, such as the Lebanese Council of Women and the Federation of NGOs in contract with Ministry of Social affairs.