Frame Work
Since 2005, the LFPA defines strategic plans that cover 3 years period. The first strategy was defined for the period between 2005- 2007, then three consecutive strategies were defined for the period 2008-2012, 2013-2015 and the current strategy for 2016-2018. Strategic Plan 2016-2018. It highlights a wide range of issues that are priorities identified by the LFPA to deal with and also represents its vision, mission and the strategic goals.
LFPA achieves its work through a structure that consists of two bodies; volunteer bodies and staff. The volunteers consist of:
  1. The 11 Executive Board members mainly specialists in medicine, demography, sociology, law and civil work.
  2. 125 General Assembly members, 65% of which are women.
  3. 100 field workers in several Lebanese regions.
The staff consists of:
  • Executive Director
  • Head Departments (clinical services, community services, youth, women, media, and finance)
  • Six region coordinators and midwives
In addition to other technical staff serving in the LFPA medical centers, 95% of the staff is female.